Economy, Culture and Daily Life

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The economy for the American Archipelago is, for the most part, designed to be simple and easy to keep track of. Since most everyone has a job in this new world, a simple currency system in the form of strips of pressed, flattened copper. Each strip, named a “clip” is approximately worth 8 days worth of food, and can be cut into 8 pieces (akin to a piece of eight) to pay for lower worth purchases. Larger denominations involve larger pieces of pressed copper bound together, which can be either unbound or melted down into smaller pieces.

The economy for currency goes as follows,, working on the basis of 8 for the levels of coinage:

  • “Pieces” – the individual pieces of strips of pressed copper – 1/8th of an ounce for each piece.. 8 pieces = 1 clip, 1 piece = enough basic food for one day or a fancy meal or small personal items (clothing, small tools, etc.).
  • “Clips” – the most common form of currency, about an ounce of copper per clip. 1 clip = 8 pieces, 8 clips = 1 bar, 1 clip = a week’s worth of basic food or a sturdy simple melee weapon or a basic set of diving gear or a full outfit of clothing
  • “Bolts” – the next step up from clips – a half pound of copper, about the size of a chocolate bar. 1 bolt = 8 clips = 64 pieces, 1 bolt = decent lodgings for one month or a full set of new job-related gear or

Economy, Culture and Daily Life

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