After the cataclysm, a strange genetic evolution came over the remaining 40 percent of the earth’s human population, rendering them almost dissimilar to humans, but something between human and animal. Dubbed “faunus” (faun, singular) by the more science-inclined folks, these new people comprise the sentient, intelligent population of the world to date. Not a single human remains on the face of the planet, to the point of the race being treated as mythical.

Faunus have a few key characteristics that tie them all together – first, that every faun still has a humanoid body and frame (two legs, two arms, everything where they should be for the most part) and can still function akin to a human in that regard. Eating, sleeping, and every self-repair facility is still intact in the faun’s body.

Second, and most importantly, all faunus exhibit animal-like characteristics via various means. No two fauna are alike, typically, in what characteristics they exhibit. Traits such as enhanced hearing via the presence of additional pairs of ears, claw-like nails and fingers, hardened and/or thickened skin, and so on are common examples. There are a few faunus that exhibit exceptional characterisstics, such as full-fledged wings for flight, but they are rare and far between – almost to the point of higher regard.

Faunus characteristics are treated as a free merit, with a limit of three dots obtainable. At least one dot (one “minor” characteristic, determined by the GM) is required, but having 3 characteristics is not required. “Major” characteristics, like wings for flight, use 2 dots.

*Other than the faunus characteristics, stat out your character as a normal new World of Darkness human, with base point totals (5/4/3, 11/8/5). *


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