The world’s been reborn, in a sea of cerulean and azure…

After a near cataclysmic event many, many years ago, the world’s sea levels raised uncontrollably. Changing the face of the world forever – flooding many cities and even countries as well, turning the world into a new archipelago planet. Electricity has been rendered obsolete and derelict, and former hotbeds of power and population centers have been rendered silent and dead. 60% of the world’s population have either disappeared off of the surface of the planet, or died in the cataclysm.

The other 40% of the world’s population of humans instead awoke one day to find that their features, their very bodies, had been changed almost to the point of lack of recognition. Sporting many features of the familiar fauna that surrounded them, and their associated benefits and drawbacks, the new races of “Faunus” that emerged started to rebuild and restart the lengthy process of developing civilization from virtually nothing except the ruins of the past.

Also with this new cataclysm, the rise of a mysterious new power in the form of supernaturally powerful symbols has helped the remaining population start to rebuild. Symbology, as it is known, gathered from strange underground temples known as Cathedrals. Containing heavily encrypted knowledge of the powers of these symbols, and supposedly the homes of the gods themselves, these Cathedrals helped start the process of awakening this new flooded world…

In this new world, what will you do to help found your place in the transformed planet?

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